Awakened Embers

I started the journey to write Awakened Embers to help me solidify some of the background stories that go into the Kites of the Arc series. I never imagined how much I would enjoy the new characters and races that have shown up.
Awakened Embers is the story of how Savannah’s parents got together, and what kind of circumstances they were forced to endure. Even learning about the different environments that Lanie and Kane grew up in has been exciting.
We even get some insight into what Lanie sees when she has a vision. And how it was up to her little sister, Sylvia to take care of her. Savannah’s Aunt Syl is a spunky young Kiteling that loves to shop and desperately wants peace in the house. She may not always understand Lanie, but she loves her dearly.
Getting to know Savannah’s father, Kane, and his adorable little sister, Thea, has been a treat. These were the days when Savannah’s Aunt Thea was a bright pink hue! We get to learn more about Morphlings and their life in the Arc. There are characters that we know and a bunch of new ones to love. There are even new ones to hate.
I know, I know—I promised to have Frozen Embers out next. Don’t worry! It’s still coming. I have just decided to publish Awakened Embers first as a sort of prequel novel to the series. The biggest problem I am finding, so far, is how to keep it a novella. I had started it intending that it be a short story, something for my phenomenal readers to get their hands on while I finish the main storyline. But, it has taken on a mind of its own, as all good stories do!
I am planning to do a cover reveal when my cover artist and I are done collaborating! I can’t wait to share this story with everyone!!

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