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Get the First Book! Veiled Embers by Jasmine Flowerday

Living in the woods sounds like fun, but that wasn't the case with Savannah and her mother. After an attack that left her home in flames, Savannah and Lanie have been in hiding for the last five years. With Lanie at the mercy of her visions, and rarely lucid, it has been left to Savannah to keep them from starving.  

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Veiled Embers

Illuminated Embers

After five years of living in a cabin in the woods, Savannah is forced out of hiding and back into the Supernatural world she comes from when her mother disappears. She must overcome her untrusting nature and work with strangers to bring her mother back.
As a Morphling, Samuel has grown up hearing of Kites and their intense powers, but he had never met one. No wonder, since almost the entire race was wiped out a few years ago. Ditching school was never as rewarding as the day he met Savannah, a Kite! Following her into the woods and her adventures, he wondered how was he ever going to keep up with these Veiled Embers?

All it takes is one day for their lives to be turned completely upside-down. After using a little too much magic, Savannah accidentally brings Samuel, a mysterious boy, into their lives.

What will he discover about these Veiled Embers?

Kites Of The Arc Series Book 2 
Pulled from the familiarity of the woods, Savannah is trying to find her place in Greenhaven among the other Supernaturals. She has new friends, new home, new school, and old enemies that are still trying to find her. 
After losing a second home to fire, she is determined to find a way to rid the world of Siphons, the soul-sucking monsters that were created by Wizards. 
The only way to do this is to trust her new friends and find out what she is capable of. Being the only Kite/Morphling hybrid in existence has to have some perks, right?


Jasmine Flowerday

Jasmine Flowerday

Welcome to my website!

Jasmine Flowerday Author Bio

Jasmine Flowerday is an American Author in her mid-thirties. She is the mother of two smart and beautiful boys (don’t tell them that she used the word beautiful). She and her sister, Adrianne, have bought a house out in the country and are raising their kids together. A solid product of the California 90’s, Jasmine is finding that the Midwest country life is an adventure.
Jasmine has endured a lifelong addiction to coffee, chocolate, and doughnuts (in that order). Rainy days are her favorites because she feels obligated to curl herself under a blanket with a good book and hot cocoa. This is almost always accompanied by four dogs and two cats making themselves comfortable wherever they can find a spot on her. She chooses to believe that they are making sure that she is warm and cozy, and not that they are really trying to smother the life out of her.
Spending an inordinate amount of her childhood in her own head, coming up with fantasies, and creative stories; writing was one of her favorite things to do. She loves just about any kind of creative outlet, and her hobbies are endless and ever expanding. The one thing that was persistent above the rest was writing.
Growing up in a household of furry little fluffballs, called Pomeranians, Jasmine has found a special connection with animals. She always seems to have them around. This shows up in her writing. Even when she decides that they are going to sit a story out, they worm their way in, and often with talking roles. They are very sneaky!
Between the five kids, four dogs, three adults, two cats and a turtle named Mayim, Jasmine never lacks for creative inspiration. Every once in a while, she loves to throw some personal experiences into her storyline and enjoys sharing the fun worlds that she creates in her head with her readers.

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